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The Bizmo calculator has 5 buttons:

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Takes you to the home page. The calculator is started by clicking on the field "Click to start now".


Leads to the page with this explanation, which shows how the Bizmo calculator is operated. The explanatory as video you find here www.bizmo.money

The whole Bizmo system is explained in 3 videos. Click here for the first video "Imagine"


The second video "Your lifehack community" is shown here


The third video "Dynamic Matrix System" can be found here


If you have seen these videos, the bizmo calculator explains itself almost automatically. Nevertheless, here comes a step by step guide:

After clicking on the start button, you will come to the page "Choose your subscription". The difference between BASIC (10 €uro per month), PRO (20 €uro per month) and ELITE (30 €uro per month) looks like this:

At BASIC you can choose 3 Lifehack categories out of 9 and get paid 4 levels deep.

At PRO you can choose 6 Lifehack categories out of 9 and get paid 7 levels deep.

As an ELITE partner you have access to all 9 Lifehack categories and get paid 9 levels deep.

Back to Bizmo calculator: In the first step, you choose your subscription by clicking in the appropriate line. A blue check mark at the end of the line indicates that you have selected. Then you click on "next step".

In the second step you choose the number of PERSONAL recommendations that you will pronounce. Here your "passive" and "active" partners count TOGETHER!

NOTE: "Passive" are partners during their first 36 days, as long as they have not yet decided to subscribe. If they choose to subscribe, they will switch to "active" status. Only those of your recommendations that do NOT opt for one of the subscriptions at the end of their 36 days test phase will change their status to "inactive" and do not count anymore!

After another click on "next Step" you come to the "Distribution of recommendations". The aim is here to estimate how the people in your downline behave.

Imagine that you have a downline of 100, 1,000, 100,000 or even more people. What percentage of these people will choose BASIC, how much PRO and how much ELITE?

100 percent BASIC is set as default. If you want to change that, just click on the "100" and a drop-down menu will open. Here you can select a value between 0 and 100 in steps of 5.

For example: If you select 60 the remaining 40 percent will automatically be transferred to PRO, as the overall result must always be 100 percent.

If you want to change the value of PRO now, you can do this ONLY DOWNWARDS! This means that you can’t enter a value greater than 40, but only a smaller one. For example: If you choose "20" the remaining 20 percent will automatically be transferred to ELITE – and this step is complete. However, you can change the values as often as you like until you are satisfied. Then you click on the "calculate now" button.

On the next page you will see the result ... and you can either start a "new calculation" or pre-register for Bizmo.

So, click on "Start new " and play with the various numbers and possibilities until you’re convinced that Bizmo will become a MEGA SUCCESS... and then secure yourself a top spot in the "Dynamic Matrix" by registering yourself in the pre-prelaunch phase! You have no risk at all because you will get a full 36 days test phase after the start of the official prelaunch phase! Click on "Preregister now" and you will come to

Registration & contact

Here you just enter your name and your email address and then click on "send". Then you will receive an email with your personal Bizmo calculator referral link! With the help of this link, which is "knitted" according to the scheme www.bizmo.red/user/NUMMER you can start building your downline IMMEDIATELY!

You can share this link with friends and acquaintances and introduce them to Bizmo this way. If you do so you will make good money already during the prelaunch phase and lay the foundation for your financial freedom. We’re looking forward to you!

Disclaimer & Imprint

Here you can find our income disclaimer and the imprint. Please read the disclaimer carefully, because ultimately the success of Bizmo depends – just as your own – on your engagement!


Here you can set the Bizmo calculator either to English or German language. Other languages will be added later.

We wish you and all your friends around the globe a lot of fun and success with Bizmo – your lifehack community and lifestyle app!

Start now!