Important notes


Important notes on the use of the "Bizmo calculator": The Bizmo calculator is intended to illustrate the prospective income potential of the Lifehack community "Bizmo". By using the Bizmo calculator the user declares that he has taken note of this disclaimer!

"Bizmo Ltd." explicitly points out to all users that the results which are displayed by the "Bizmo calculator" represent UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES an assurance of income! The results will be IN EVERY CASE maximum values which only apply if the FULL PAYLINE (see DMS video under of the user is filled according to preferences set by the user himself, which are first of all suspicions! The achievement of these goals is ALWAYS a question of personal efforts of the user and other community members as well as THE FACTOR TIME!

The company "Bizmo Ltd." and the "Global Solutions Systems GmbH", which is responsible for worldwide marketing and support, take no responsibility for mental conclusions drawn by users from the results of the Bizmo calculator and reject therefore any liability for actions resulting from these conclusions. In addition, "Bizmo Ltd." explicitly states that users are responsible by themselves for paying taxes and that payments will only be made to verified users who have accepted the "Terms and Conditions" of Bizmo.


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